About me

I help conscientious business owners and directors like you improve their impact on the planet and its people.

Hi, I’m Steph Mullen

I’ve always had three big passions: the natural world and conservation; art and design; and telling stories.

Initially, I pursued two of these interests through a degree in Television and Film Design. A few years later, I started working for a leading specialist healthcare provider, where I was responsible for the entire marketing mix. I was able to draw on my talents in design and writing, as well as develop my knowledge of marketing strategy.

Steph Mullen, Sustainability Consultant

I never lost sight of my passion for protecting the planet, however, and have volunteered for a number of environmental campaign groups and charities over the years. My work in the third sector has included organising events, managing websites and running social media campaigns. 

Since becoming a parent, I have found a renewed determination to make a positive difference in the world, to create a greener future for our children. I started blogging about simple, slow and sustainable living in 2017 and this developed into a coaching business, with online resources and a membership. Visit Striving for Simple to find out more.

I now combine all my passions to help businesses be more sustainable and to become leaders in their field through effective marketing (storytelling) and good design.

Walking the talk

I talk a lot about living and breathing your values - and I apply this to my own business too.

Steps I have taken to minimise my impact on the planet and its people include:

  • My home office is powered by green energy - it is heated by gas but I limit use of the central heating as far as is reasonable, using a smart thermostat
  • I am replacing lights in my home with LED bulbs as they need replacing
  • This website is powered by 100% renewable energy
  • As a non-driver, most of my travel is done on foot or using public transport 
  • I keep paper use to the bare minimum (most of my work is online) and I reuse as much paper as possible, e.g. using back of letters I receive as note paper
  • Wherever possible, I choose service providers with good environmental and social policies
  • I operate as a not-for-profit. As well as reinvesting profits into my business, in order to increase my impact for good, I also support charity and community projects that have a positive impact on the environment and people, both locally and globally. More info coming soon!

Work with me

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