Putting sustainability at the heart of your business

The time of the profit-hungry, value-poor business is coming to an end. Tomorrow belongs to those who are willing to tip the scales in favour of social and environmental good.

Do you want to leave a positive mark on the world and make your business more sustainable?

I can help you to position your business as the top ethical choice for your customers, securing its future success and helping shape a better world.

Hi, I’m Steph Mullen and my mission is to empower conscientious business owners and directors like you to make a positive impact on the planet and its people.

I work closely with you to identify challenges and opportunities that are unique to your organisation. From establishing an environmental management system to engaging staff in new initiatives, my aim is to balance sustainability for the planet with sustainability for the business.

We will work together to set ambitious but attainable goals and put a roadmap in place for you to achieve them.

Alongside my sustainability consultancy services, you can take advantage of my skills and experience in marketing and design to build brand awareness, connect with your ideal customer and nurture that relationship.

I can also offer a wellbeing package for you and your staff, helping you to be kinder to the planet and yourself. This service draws on resources in my Striving for Simple membership.

I work with companies in various industries, from healthcare to media. Whether you run a corporate business, a governmental organisation or a not-for-profit, I can help.

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