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Get the clarity you need to achieve your sustainability goals and position your business as the ethical choice.

Why be more sustainable?

There is scientific consensus that we now have less than 10 years to take action to prevent a global temperature increase exceeding 1.5 degrees Celsius and avoid a climate catastrophe. 

But it’s not too late to turn things around. We have the responsibility and power to do something about it.

More and more, consumers (and businesses) expect the companies they buy from to not only minimise their negative impact on the planet, but to have a positive impact.

In the new decade, “it will not only be possible to do well by doing good, it will ONLY be possible to do well by doing good.”

Jean-Francois Manzoni, President of IMD

Why work with me?

I help business owners take meaningful action. Action that will have a positive impact on the planet, people and their company’s success.

Working closely with you, I take a holistic approach and consider the entire organisation, from its operations to its people. After identifying your risks and opportunities, I work with you to set ambitious but realistic goals (both short term ‘quick wins’ and longer term targets). This is a flexible and collaborative process that balances the needs of your business, staff and customers with those of the environment and future generations.

Sustainable improvements often lead to cost savings, either immediately or in the long term. I strive to minimise the payback period for any recommendations that require initial investment and can help seek funding for these, where possible.

Alongside my work with the business owner and key decision makers within the organisation, I can provide training on sustainability (both at work and at home) for employees, to embed the ethos into the business. If you would like to find out more about this service, please get in touch.

It has boosted our business, our visibility and our people.

Our ambition in 2020 was to be more sustainable as a company. We felt it would benefit us from a personal and business perspective. We already had some knowledge about how to make demonstrable changes but we needed direction and clarity. That's where Steph came in.

Steph was brimming with ideas for quick wins and long-term goals that will need more time. We now have an action plan to achieve them. It has boosted our business, our visibility and our people. We would highly recommend Steph to transform your sustainability strategy. There's no time to waste!

Phil Parkin

Managing Director, Content OD

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